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Professional Educators

Feel the joy of turning your "passion" into your "job."
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Reiko Yukawa

Honorary Principal of TSM, TSM Shibuya, OSM, FSM, NCA and SCA
Music critic, lyricist
Her work portfolio includes radio DJ, pop music critique and exposition, lecture presentations, panel judge for TV programs and commentary. She wrote the lyrics for hit songs such as "Koi ni ochite," "Roppongi shinju," "Runaway" and many others. Also, she is a lyrics interpreter for Disney movies, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson.

Masahiko Tsugawa

Honorary Principal of FC Tokyo
Actor, film director
He has been active as an actor since he was 5, and became one of the top actors for his role in the 1956 movie "Kurutta kajitsu (Crazed Fruit)." He won a Blue Ribbon Awards for Best Supporting Actor for the movie "Manon," and a Japanese Academy Awards Best Supporting Actor for "Marusa no onna (A Taxing Woman)." In 2006, he directed the film "Nezu no ban" under the pseudonym Makino Masahiko. He is one of the leading actors in Japanese film industry.

Tadashi Sasaki

Honorary Principal of TECH.C.
Doctor of engineering
Born in 1915. Graduated from Kyoto Teikoku University (current name: Kyoto University). Served as executive director and vice president, and currently an advisor for Sharp Corporation. He is the developer of the ultra compact calculator, and is the world's most famous researcher in the liquid crystal industry. Also currently serving as a consultant for Softbank Corp. He contributed to NASA's space exploration in 1971 through ELCI technology, and became the first Japanese person to receive the NASA Apollo Achievement Award.

Yoshihiro Kimura

Principal of DA Tokyo and DA Osaka
Honorary Principal of FSM and NCA
He joined the Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band in 1962 and became the band master in 1985. He contributed to the development of wind-instrument music as a band master and a resident conductor. He is currently a music advisor for the Hiroshima Wind Orchestra.

Warrick Carter

Honorary Principal of TSM, OSM, FSM, NCA and SCA
Director of Entertainment Arts, Walt Disney Entertainment.
Ex-provost, Berklee College of Music.

Masaomi Kondo

Principal of TCA and TSM
President of Jikei Education Science Center.
Honorary professor/ doctor of Osaka University

Yoshiyuki Niho

Honorary Principal of Fukuoka College of Medical Health
Honorary professor of Kyushu University, former director of the Kyushu University Hospital, former director of the Chihaya Hospital, former senior researcher of the Toronto University Ontario Cancer Institute, former member of the board of trustees of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, board member of the Japanese Society of Hematology, former president of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine.

Kiyoyuki Tsujii

Honorary Principal of TSM, OSM, FSM, NCA and SCA
Graduated from the Osaka College of Music in 1961. In 1970, he was awarded a diploma from Mozarteum University in Austria. Instructed clarinet to Shinjiro Nakao and conducted Masao Miyamoto and Milan Horvath. Served as a member of the All Japan Band Association, and has been contributing to the expansion of wind-instrument music. Since the establishment of the Amagasaki Municipal Wind Orchestra, he has trained orchestra members as a resident conductor, and at the same time acted as a band competition judge in various areas and as a guest appearance conductor. In 1991, he was awarded the Amagasaki Municipal Art Encouragement Award. He is currently an honorary professor of the Osaka College of Music.

Kiyoyuki Okuyama

Honorary Educational Advisor of TCA, OCA, FCA, NCA and SCA
Product designer, CEO of Ken Okuyama Design
He has worked as the Pinifarina design director, General Motors chief designer and a Porsche designer and became an independent designer in 2006. Currently working as a guest professor for industrial design at the Art Center College of Design in the U.S., professor at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and vice president of the Good Design Award selection committee.

Masanori Hata

Honorary Educational Advisor of TCA, OCA, FEC, NCA and SCA
Born in 1935 in Fukuoka. He established "Animal Kingdom" in Hamamatsu-cho, Hokkaido in 1971. He has published many books such as "Mutsugoro's Youth" and ”Mutsugoro and His Friends." He directed a movie called "Koneko Monogatari (A Little Cat's Story)." He teaches animal ecology and how great it is to live with animals.

Souichiro Iwao

Educational Advisor of Fukuoka/Kyoto/Sendai College of Medical Health
Former director of the WHO Centre for Health Development.
Former administrative director of the Health Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Doctor of Medicine

Why don't you build a great life by helping society and pursuing your dream job?

We believe it might be difficult for young people growing up in a world of information overload to have a dream for their future. If you are interested in design, technology, music, film, entertainment, sports, health science, confectionery, cafe, animals or nature, and if you want to turn your interests into your job, hold on to that feeling. Wouldn't it be great, if you could move people or make them happy through the job you love? We feel that it is our duty to share the joy of getting a job you love, through the courses we offer at the Jikei Gakuen COM Group schools.