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School Introduction:

Hokkaido Eco-Communication College has comprehensive programs for training its students to be professionals in the Pet and Tourism Industries. Our college has Japanese language lessons for international students who wish to actively work internationally. The campus is located in Hokkaido with an excellent living and learning environment where students can enjoy their college life.

Pet Business Major: 2 Years
Students can take specialized courses so as to enhance their chosen area of specialty.
The 4 specialized courses are Pet Trimming, Animal Nursing, Dog Training, and Animal Handling.
Tourism Service Major: 2 Years
Students take specialized courses to become professionals in each area of the tourism industry.
The 3 specialized courses available are Hotel Course, Airline Course, and Travel Course.
Japanese Language Major: 1 Year
In this program, in addition to Japanese language, students will learn proper “Japanese business manners” which will be useful after their graduation.
School Characteristics:

Students can learn Japanese with state of the art language learning equipment in our large campus in Hokkaido. Students can also enjoy their student life in the excellent learning and living environment in Hokkaido.
Open Campus Schedule:

September: 6th (Sun), 12th (Sat), 13th (Sun), 19th (Sat), 20th (Sun),
    21st (Mon), 23rd (Wed), 26th (Sat), 27th (Sun)
October: 4th (Sun), 10th (Sat), 18th (Sun), 25th (Sun)
November: 7th (Sat), 15th (Sun), 21st (Sat), 22nd (Sun), 29th (Sun)
December: 13th (Sun), 20th (Sun)

School Information:

Address: 5-10-4, Megumino-Nishi, Eniwa-city, Hokkaido, 061-1317, Japan
Tel: 81-120-36-8219 (Toll free), 81-123-36-2311
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