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School Introduction:

Students will become professionals of patisserie, chef, or café through many hours of practical training. They will become a professional whom customers ask for by name. Students will receive lots of practical experience in the school restaurant, patisserie, and café. Also, during the 2 years of school life, there are many school events such as school contests, study abroad programs, sports festivals and training camps, to make their school life fun and give the students many opportunities to develop their skills.

Patissier Major: 2 Years
Students learn from the dedicated instructors and active patissiers starting from the basics including how to use equipment, to make confections and bread, and create original sweets and gift wrapping. In addition, we offer assistance to students who wish to practice their skills after school hours.
Chef Major: 2 Years
Students learn the basics of Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine and go through 2 weeks of practical training during the 1st year. During the 2nd year, students learn specialized skills and knowledge of French and Italian cuisine, desserts and wine. The students will learn more than 200 recipes throughout the program. They will also have many hours of practical training learning how to serve customers. For example - how to serve wine properly.
Café Business Major: 1 Year
Students learn the basic techniques in cafe to properly make and serve coffee and tea. They also master how to make more than 200 kinds of original menus and desserts. In addition, we offer “Curriculum for Opening Businesses,” to support students become professional café staff.
Café Food Course / Bread-making Course
Open Campus Schedule:

September: 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun), 7th (Mon), 8th (Tue), 9th (Wed),
    10th (Thu), 11th (Fri), 12th (Sat), 19th (Sat), 20th (Sun), 26th (Sat)
October: 3rd (Sat), 4th (Sun), 11th (Sun), 12th (Mon), 13th (Tue),
    14th (Wed), 15th (Thu), 16th (Fri), 18th (Sun), 25th (Sun)
November: 1st (Sun), 8th (Sun), 9th (Mon), 10th (Tue), 11th (Wed),
    12th (Thu), 13th (Fri), 15th (Sun), 22nd (Sun), 29th (Sun)
December: 6th (Sun), 7th (Mon), 8th (Tue), 9th (Wed), 10th (Thu),
    11th (Fri), 12th (Sat), 20th (Sun)
School Information:

Address: 14-1-45, North 26 East, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido, 065-0026 Japan
Tel: 81-11-712-8666
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