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School Introduction:

Shin Tokyo Dental Technician School has thirty years of experience and an excellent reputation in dental technician training. The school trains students to acquire the National Qualification of dental technician and also trains its students to become professionals of dental manufacturing.

Dental Technician Major: 2 Years
Long hours of practical/laboratory training, consisting of 70% of the total curriculum hours, ensure students acquire excellent skills.
In addition, the college fully supports its students to pass their National Qualification Examination.
School Characteristics:

Our college has trained the largest number of graduates in eastern Japan who passed the National Qualification Examination of dental technician. We are trusted by the professional dental technician community. Our goal is to train our students to be real professionals in the industry.
Open Campus Schedule:

September: 6th (Sun), 12th (Sat), 13th (Sun), 20th (Sun), 21st (Mon), 22nd (Tue),
    23rd (Wed), 26th (Sat), 27th (Sun)
October: 4th (Sun), 10th (Sat), 11th (Sun), 12th (Mon), 18th (Sun), 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun)
November: 1st (Sun), 8th (Sun), 15th (Sun), 22nd (Sun), 29th (Sun)
December: 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun), 13th (Sun), 20th (Sun)

School Information:

Address: 4-20-2, Minami-Oh-i, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0013 Japan
Tel: 81-3-3763-2211
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