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School Introduction:

Since opening in 1979, Tokyo College of Medico-Pharmaco Technology has prepared graduates for professional careers in the fields of Medical Care, Pharmacy, Child Care and Biotechnology. Students develop character and social skills which enable them to immediately contribute to the workforce. Our 30 years of experience have earned us the trust of companies throughout Japan. There are 9 majors available, the choice of which depends on the qualifications and specialized skills to which a student aspires. After graduation, students are awarded a specialist degree, and most of them obtain employment at hospitals and research institutions. Many of our foreign graduates work in Japan at famous companies such as the big cosmetic company “Shiseido.”

Biotechnology Major: 3 Years
In this major, students aim to be biotechnology specialists in research, development, and experimentation. The course has the highest employment rate out of all the applied medical science majors.
There are 7 specialized courses available within the major: Medicine Development, Cosmetics Development, Genetics, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Food Products Development and Brewing Fermentation.
Medical Secretary and Hospital Management Major:2 Years
These students aim to become specialists of the medical practice; developing their expertise through specialized courses within the major. There are 8 specialized courses: Secretary for Doctors, Medical Secretary, Medical Ward Clerk, Pediatric Clerk, Nurse Assistant, Hospital Information Management, Advising Female Medical Demographic and Welfare Clerk.
Pharmaceutics Major: 2 Years
In this major, students aim to be specialists in pharmaceutical sales, cosmetic sales, consultation and advising. We have 3 specialized courses available within the major: Registered Salesclerk, Hospital Pharmacy and Cosmetic Advisor.
Psychology Major:3 Years
Psychology students help people to be emotionally healthy. There are 2 specialized courses within the major: Mental Health Welfare Professional and Medical Care and Education in Pediatrics. Students may aim for the National Qualification of Mental Health Welfare Professional or Nursery Teacher.
Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Major (Daytime Course): 3 Years
Students become specialists in consulting, assessing, and training people with communication limitations such as language and hearing impairment. Students are prepared to achieve the National Qualification as a speech therapist.
Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Major (Evening Course):3 Years
Students can also study in the evening to become the Nationally Qualified speech therapist.
Orthoptics Major:3 Years
In this major, students aim to be specialists in rehabilitation, helping people who have visual impairment. Students’ goals are to work actively as specialists by achieving the National Qualifications for orthoptist.
Clinical Engineering Technology Major: 3 Years
Life-support systems include equipment used to assist people in breathing, circulation, or metabolizing. Students in this major become specialists who can operate and maintain life-support equipment. Students will study to achieve the National Qualification for clinical engineer.
Emergency Medical Technician Major: 3 Years
This major enables students to become specialists in life-saving techniques based on doctors’ instructions. When transporting patients who are severely ill, injured in traffic accidents, or in natural disasters, specialized care is required. These students will study to deliver this care and to acquire the National Qualification of an Emergency Medical Technician.
School Characteristics:

In the Biotechnology major, we have the largest number of foreign students within the school. Last year, all of the foreign students who graduated from the major, acquired employment at biotechnology-oriented companies, such as Shiseido. We have staff members who specialize in campus life to help foreign students adjust to living in Japan and with seeking employment. In addition, home-room teachers support students in their studies, and counselors are stationed to give advice. If you are interested in studying in Japan, please contact the admissions office. Specialists are there to give you advice regarding acquiring qualifications and finding employment in Japan.
Open Campus Schedule:

Open campus schedule is as below. It costs absolutely nothing to participate! Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.
September: 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun), 13th (Sun), 19th (Sat),
    20th (Sun), 21st (Mon), 22nd (Tue), 23rd (Wed), 26th (Sat), 27th (Sun)
October: 3rd (Sat), 4th (Sun), 10th (Sat), 11th (Sun), 17th (Sat), 18th (Sun),
    24th (Sat), 25th (Sun), 31st (Sat)
November: 1st (Sun), 7th (Sat), 8th (Sun), 14th (Sat), 15th (Sun),
    21st (Sat), 22nd (Sun), 28th (Sat), 29th (Sun)
December: 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun), 12th (Sat), 13th (Sun), 19th (Sat),
    20th (Sun), 23rd (Wed), 26th (Sat), 27th (Sun)
You are also welcome to visit our college on dates other than the above. Please feel free to call us.
School Information:

Address:6-5-12 Higashi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 134-8530 Japan
Tel: 81-3-3688-6161
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